Film Inquiry | Melbourne Documentary Film Festival 2020: Man on the Bus & Can Art Stop a Bullet?

14 Jul 2020
Following in the footsteps of Three Identical Strangers, Eve Ash’s stranger-than-fiction documentary Man on the Bus invites us along with the bittersweet excursion into the director’s own labyrinthine past, which begins with a black box of mysterious 8MM film rolls and concludes with the wholesome revelation that the roots of her family tree are far deeper than anybody thought possible …

Article By Alex Lines

Documentary Drive | Review: ‘Man on the Bus’

13 Jul 2020
Viewers who have discovered long-lost loved ones or family members they never know existed will be particularly moved by the secrets and discoveries Ash uncovers. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why “Man on the Bus” is able to resonate so well with audiences because of the recognition it gives to family as being something that for many is often less than straightforward and more so complex and abstract …

ABC Radio Hobart – Breakfast with John X | Eve Ash found out some family secrets, which completely changed her life

9 Dec 2019
When psychologist and filmmaker Eve Ash’s mother passed away, Eve started uncovering some family secrets that completely changed her life. Streets named after her mother and her, and a man smiling into the camera were some of the clues in this surprising family story, that Eve has now made into a film called The Man on the Bus. She spoke to John X about these discoveries, and what it means for her identity …

ABC Overnight | From a Nazi death camp to the suburbs of Australia – a family with a remarkable story

27 Oct 2019
Who is my father? Is my sister my real sister? Is my mother telling the truth? Some of the questions psychologist and filmmaker Eve Ash had to answer as she contemplated her family history. The story is extraordinary; it has now been made into a film called ‘Man on the Bus’ that is showing around the country. Here’s Eve speaking with Michael Pavlich …

On Overnights with Michael Pavlich

The Sydney Morning Herald | From Nazi labour camp to Melbourne suburbia, a family secret is revealed

19 Oct 2019
Documentary maker Eve Ash grew up knowing little about her parents’ experiences during the Holocaust. Then, years after her mother’s death, she discovered a startling truth …

Article By Greg Callaghan

‘Such a delicious, beguiling mystery with an unexpectedly happy ending.’

Graeme Blundell

‘Eve’s investigations unearthed one bombshell after another, which she masterfully mines for suspense … there is a strong thread of humour running throughout … a soundtrack composed by award-winning Polish-born Australian Cezary Skubiszewski and compelling archival footage.’

Greg Callaghan, Good Weekend

‘incredible story, absolutely engrossing’

The escape… utterly compelling, horrifying, searing, triumphant…

‘unique, engaging… with surprises galore’

‘Man on the Bus is told with cinematic flair and a ton of heart’

‘Honest and unafraid, the film reveals truths that are not always well received’

‘So many amazing elements to the story.’